Daily Nutrition

Nov 04, 2020

As athletes, sorting out how to properly fuel requires much research and experimentation. Many of our athletes not only seek guidance with training, but also with nutrition. While neither of us are certified dietitians, we have done our research and provide resources and guidance in helping athletes properly fuel on a daily basis.

If you have tried to solve the nutrition equation on your own, then you perhaps have read many authors with varying ideas such as Matt Fitzgerald, Scott Jurek, Shalane Flanagan, Jeff Galloway, Stacy Sims, etc.



Many of these authors are fabulous, and with each book we’ve read, we add ideas and tools to our arsenal that help us find the right nutritional balance to properly fuel ourselves and each athlete.

Many of these books offer recipes, recommended macros per pound or kilogram of body weight, variations depending on body type, and a myriad of additional information. Most of these books also offer the science that supports what the book recommends. We encourage our athletes to research and gain knowledge, but we also know many of our athletes are too busy to devote the time and energy required to solve this puzzle. Better yet, many of our athletes don’t want to do the math or understand the science. “Just tell me what to eat,” is a common sentiment.

Each athlete is unique. Finding the right daily nutrition plan requires getting to know the athlete, his or her current food choices, and current goals. As members of the RyR Endurance Team, we provide an option to create custom daily fueling plans to meet individual athlete needs.

Let us help with the research you need to be successful. Join our team.


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