Wendell Foster Half Marathon Fan Plan

Aug 22, 2022

For many athletes, there is a support system of family and friends who train with and encourage reaching personal goals. When race day comes, it is so special to have that support system alongside cheering throughout the event.

Here in our hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky, the Wendell Foster center hosts an annual Half Marathon in November. This year it occurs on November 12th.

This event raises funds for the great mission of Wendell Foster of “Empowering People With Disabilities.”  To find out more about this awesome race, click here:  Wendell Foster Half Marathon & 5K site

For athletes and their fans, we have created a “Fan Plan” which provides many cheering opportunities without crossing the runners' path for the half marathon.

This fan plan was based on spectating someone running 7 minutes per mile and being familiar with the roads to get to the next location.  If you are unfamiliar with the streets or are spectating someone faster, you may need to skip a few spots along the way. 

If you really want to see the finish, it would be best to skip a few of the last stops in order to find parking and get to the finish line area.

Hope you find this “Fan Plan” helpful.

Where to Park

Map Location


Crittenden and 3th street facing South

Crittenden St & E 3rd St - Google Maps

Walk to this spot before the race starts. 

Parking lot on Triplett just North of 9th

37°46'04.0"N 87°06'13.1"W - Google Maps

Take Triplett to just North of 9th before the race starts

17th and JR

37°45'37.1"N 87°06'26.6"W - Google Maps

Take Triplett to 17th

Liquor Barn on Triplett

37°45'15.7"N 87°06'07.8"W - Google Maps

Take 17th to Triplett

Dixiana and Veach

37°44'41.4"N 87°06'04.7"W - Google Maps

New Hartford Road (2155) to Dixiana

Byers at the Greenbelt

37°44'07.1"N 87°05'41.3"W - Google Maps

Take Dixiana to New Hartford Road to Byers

Weikel and JR Miller

37°43'39.7"N 87°06'42.2"W - Google Maps

Take New Hartford Road to Bypass to Frederica to Fairfax to Jefferson to Weikel

North of Byers on Daviess

37°44'25.6"N 87°06'28.9"W - Google Maps

Take Weikel to Jefferson to Warwick to Daviess

27th and Daviess

37°44'56.3"N 87°06'25.9"W - Google Maps

Daviess to 27th; park on Daviess

20th and Daviess

37°45'23.3"N 87°06'30.9"W - Google Maps

Daviess just south of 20th

Griffith Place West and Ford

37°45'15.3"N 87°07'12.7"W - Google Maps

U-turn to 21st to Maple to Griffith Place West to just south of Ford

Lewis and Scherm

37°44'26.4"N 87°07'54.5"W - Google Maps

U-turn to Booth to Mayfair to Avenue of Champions to College to South Griffith to Standish to Lewis to just south of Scherm

Roosevelt at Griffith

37°45'18.8"N 87°07'52.9"W - Google Maps

U-turn to Standish to Chickasaw to Scherm to Christie Place to Westview to Fieldcrest to Bittle to Stratford to Bonnie Castle to Roosevelt

Alternative -- Dean Ave at Griffith

37°45'26.6"N 87°07'28.1"W - Google Maps

continue on Bonnie Castle to Linden to Dean Ave

15th and Walnut

37°45'43.4"N 87°07'00.9"W - Google Maps

Head to Parrish Ave to Walnut North of 15th

Cedar and 7th

37°46'09.3"N 87°07'00.4"W - Google Maps

Parrish to Cedar to 7th to Locust

Convention Center

37°46'27.8"N 87°07'01.0"W - Google Maps

Cedar toward the Convention Center to find parking; Park where you can and hustle to the finish; If you really want to see the finish, skip the last few stops



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