#94 More Random News and Traveling to the PTO US Open

Season #2

Dean and Paula discuss preparing to travel to Texas for the PTO US Open along with latest news from the PTO.  The also discuss a variety of other topics including:

  • Paula's streak run day 264 and violin playing
  • Homemade Tib Bar recommended by strength coach Kevin Boothe
  • Potential for a PTO World Championship (?)
  • Tri Talks with guest speaker gold medal sprinter Michael Johnson
  • NFL week one
  • UCI World Championships in Australia
  • Prayer for the United States
  • Albert Pujols - a class act in St. Louis
  • Team accomplishments and growth

RyR is a team of runners and triathletes who receive comprehensive and customized coaching. The team name has dual meanings. The first is based in Hebrews 12:1 in which Christians are instructed to run the race set before us. In this context, RyR stands for Run your Race, with an emphasis on meeting you (the athlete) where you are and coming alongside you to help you reach your goals. The verse emphasizes patience, endurance, and perseverance. These qualities are essential for success as both athletes and coaches.

The second meaning is based on the enduring friendship and marriage between the founding coaches, Dean and Paula Roberts. In this context, RyR stands for Roberts and Roberts. While our primary mission is to help athletes set and reach fitness and performance goals, we understand that this must occur within the context of each athlete's daily life. We strive to form an individual relationship with each athlete and make sure weekly training fits seamlessly into family life and work schedules.


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