Paula and Dean have all the qualifications. They have successfully competed in multiple races, many of which people only dream of; they take the time to carefully create a plan specifically for you; and they even outline a nutrition plan, strength training regimen, and stretching techniques to help you succeed. However, the single greatest reason Paula and Dean stand out is their ability to give the gift of confidence. Not only did Paula teach me how to ride a road bike and how to swim; she taught me how to believe in myself because she believed in me when I did not. I think that is the single greatest gift a coach can give. 


Dean and Paula are some of the best people I know. Their years of experience in coaching, training, and racing at the top level along with the genuine desire  to see their athletes reach their athletic goals is what every athlete should want in a coach.  Whatever goals you want to accomplish, they have the plan to get you to the starting line. All that’s left is for you to execute.


A truly faith based support training system. This is a training program that offers superb support with Christian principles at the core!


I have trained with Paula on several marathons all under the coaching of both she and her husband, Dean.  Specifically, we have trained for:  Jack & Jill's Downhill in Washington (2019) and the Boston Marathon (2020) - which was canceled and we ran Grand Rapids Last Chance.  Both races I qualified for Boston.  Each race we had meticulous direction from Dean with workouts, long runs and recovery.  I was able to access workout plans well in advance through TrainingPeaks as well as communicate any concerns after each run.  Dean was always prompt in communicating back, inquiring specifics and adjusting the training schedule if needed.  I would highly recommend their coaching for any runner just starting out all the way through to an experienced runner.  I know nutrition, sleep, injuries (past or current) and the "total runner" go into consideration through their coaching process.


For the first 45 plus years of running I have always been self-coached. The last two years I have made several attempts to qualify for the Boston Marathon and have been unsuccessful. So this year when a fellow runner who has had great success in both running and triathlons offered to coach me I decided to give it a try. After talking with me about my current training, what goal time I was attempting and the date and location of the race Dean Roberts came up with the plan. Along with my wife Suzanne, Paula Roberts (A very accomplished runner, triathlete and excellent coach in her own right) we set out to put the plan in motion. This was not a here is the plan now go do it type of coaching. It was a daily monitoring, follow-up and tweak when necessary plan. He even showed up many days to verify the effort and explain why certain workouts were both necessary and beneficial. So not only did I have the plan it was like having a personal trainer to guide me through the process. Let me give my overwhelming endorsement for both Dean and Paula Roberts. They have the credentials and have been there where you are from those that want to be able to finish a 5k to marathon and even triathlete training. If you want to increase the chances for success contact them by phone, text, email or fax (is that still a real thing) before you begin and you will be very pleased with the results. As an added bonus you might gain a couple of Christian friends as I did. Keep running.


It is my pleasure to share positive experiences I have with Dean and Paula Roberts as coaches. Paula has been my life coach since birth. I go to her before I make any decision. When I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years she purchased and set up equipment in our house to provide additional coaching/practice for me outside of the gym. Dean stepped up to coach the cross-country team at my high school all four years of my attendance. Together Dean and Paula took girls from my high school team to state every year. They recruited a team my freshmen year and took the team to state my sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Dean is a lifelong athlete which is evident in his personal success and coaching style. Paula was born to teach and coach and will accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Together they have done extensive research and tested various coaching techniques to fit any athlete.

In 2019 Paula coached me and a friend who were training for a marathon. I was coming off an injury and not sure I would make it far in any training plan, much less complete the marathon with a PR.  Throughout the 16 week marathon training cycle, set up by Paula, I ran 3 days a week while my friend was able to run 6 days a week, also being coached by Paula. This is a perfect example of how Dean and Paula cater to the needs and schedule of their athletes. My friend and I trained for a very specific marathon pace and were successful in completing the marathon under that time.

Excited about my success with Paula as my coach, I asked her to set up a plan for me to compete in a sprint triathlon less than a month after the marathon. Paula added cross training to my 3 days a week of running which prepared me to be successful at the triathlon as well.

Next on my radar was to race a couple half marathons. Paula set up a plan for me to race my first half marathon and, again, I was successful. One of my favorite aspects of the coaching I've received from Dean and Paula is their personalized encouragement and team focused verses, shared via email on a weekly basis.

Dean and Paula spend a lot of time thinking and planning for each athlete and the team and are excited to receive feedback. They are consistent to load the upcoming week workouts on Sunday to give athletes the chance to plan for the week ahead. They utilize TrainingPeaks which works well for me because the bike and run workouts load directly to my Garmin watch. They emphasize the importance of nutrition throughout the training process and on race day. They work with their athletes from the start of training, through making a race day plan, all the way to the finish line. You will not find two more loving and committed people who are qualified to help you reach your goals.


Dean coached me and his wife (and my friend) to our first Ironman finish TOGETHER. He carefully knitted together a plan that considered both our strengths and weaknesses. Weekly plans were emailed to Paula and she shared those with me. It was like she was my training partner and together the three of us made a team. He provided the weekly swim, bike, run workouts as one would expect with a coach, but so much more! From joining us for LOTS of the bike rides to countless tips for actually racing an endurance event, Dean was involved. An Ironman presents a long day for all. I never felt unprepared or shocked throughout the nearly 13 hours of racing. Dean prepared me physically and mentally for all the things that “might” be challenging on the course or in transition. In addition, pre-race he provided a personalized reflection of our training log with highlights of our swim-bike-run sessions. I was most appreciative of his prayers and encouragement throughout. He crafted a perfect race day plan for our cheerleaders (family friends) for the day too. Ironman Louisville will always be a highlight in my racing life and I’ll forever be grateful for Paula and Dean Roberts for their support and direction!


I highly recommend Paula and Dean for their coaching service. When I started working with them I had never had a coach before. Paula and Dean were patient with my skill level, but pushed me to improve quickly. They saw my potential and pushed me to paces I didn't think were possible. I was able to PR a 5k and was on track to PR a half marathon before it was cancelled due to COVID. Overall, their confidence in me helped me be confident in myself and to become the best runner I could be.


Dean and Paula have helped me transform my life over the past several years. In the summer of 2018 I was overweight, inactive, and my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. That final point really proved to me that I needed to turn my life around. I sought guidance from Paula about changes I could make in my life to become healthier. Paula started by loading workouts into training peaks for me (swimming, biking, walking, elliptical, etc.). After I got into a good routine of exercise she told me that it was impossible to outwork a bad diet, and helped me understand how to make better decisions in the kitchen. By the spring of 2019, I was down 50+ pounds and a healthy diet and workout were a part of my life. Now Dean is my running coach, and he is helping me achieve my goals as a runner.


I’ve ran with Dean while marathon training, and just casual group runs. Dean is always the most knowledgeable and respected runner in the group. His determination and ability to stick to his training plan has led to many successful marathons and triathlons.


I met Dean and Paula several years ago thru some mutual running friends at Legion park. I was not only impressed by how genuine and upstanding they are but the great amount of knowledge Dean had about running was very helpful. You will not find better people and the coaching they will provide will be great for those who choose it. Dean and Paula will provide not only coaching but an example of how each one of us should try to live our life.