Success in the Snow

Brent Millay finished 2nd in his age group in the Resolution Run 10K in Evansville, Indiana.  The race organizers thought the street department would be able to clear the roads, but that was not the case.  Slippery conditions slowed the field, but racers were not deterred.

Brent finished with a time of 52:29.  The team is looking forward to seeing what he can do on dry roads.  

Great job Brent!

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Overcoming for a Great Cause - the St. Jude Marathon

Congratulations to a rockstar!  Not only did Jessica Jones race the St. Jude Marathon, but she also raised money to support this great cause!  What an inspiration of courage and tenacity.  So proud of her! 
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Care Net 5K Reindeer Run


Congratulations to Brent Millay and Chaney Heady. 

Brent executed his plan perfectly running negative splits and finished giving it all he had.  He finished in a time of 23:13.

Chaney ran with Coach Dean as they held an even pace until the final stretch.  Chaney had a personal best finishing with a time of 23:46.

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Congratulations to Jacob Roberts in the Wendell Foster Half Marathon 2021

Congratulations to Jacob Roberts for earning his half marathon PR at the Wendell Foster Half Marathon in Owensboro, KY.  His goal was sub 1:35 and he crossed the finish line in 1:32:55 with negative splits. Consistency in training and patience in execution paid off.
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Congratulations Eric Hardin on winning the Bucks and Does Trail Half Marathon

Shout out to Eric Hardin who just loves to race.  On Saturday November 20th, he won the Bucks and Does 13.1 Pointer Trail Half Marathon in Wisconsin with a time of 1:29:46 over 10 minutes ahead of second place.  Way to crush it Eric.  Eric would say he is a road runner.  But he showed he can handle the trails, as well. 

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Congratulations to Katie Rose and Bailey in the Run Hard Lexington 10K

Great job Katie Rose on setting a personal best 43:57 in the Run Hard Lexington 10K.  This was with her dog Bailey including a short break for Bailey to get a drink.

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Congratulations Eric Hardin at Ironman Florida


Great job Eric Hardin setting a personal best in Ironman Florida with a time of 12:08:43. It was a difficult day with rough seas and a strong headwind on the bike.  But through it all, you persevered.

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Congratulations to Jessica Jones in her 10th consecutive Bowling Green Half Marathon

Congratulations to Jessica and Ralph Jones in the Bowling Green Half Marathon.  Jessica completed her 10th consecutive Bowling Green Half Marathon.  She has participated in every occurrence since the inception.  Jessica finished in 2:27:25.

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Congratulations to Katie Rose and Bailey in the Go For The Grits 5K

Katie Rose took first overall female in the Go For the Grits 5K with her sidekick Bailey.  Katie's winning time was 21:28.  Great job Katie!

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Congratulations to Brent Millay in the Chilly Hilly 5K Trail Race

Congratulations to Brent Millay on racing the Chilly Hilly Trail 5K in a time of 31:33.  With patience and consistency, he overcame an injury and is back in great form.  Praise God that he was able to tow the line in this race.  

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