Am I bold enough?

good news Mar 20, 2022

Recently I (Dean) began meeting with a small group of fellow triathletes once a week before work for breakfast and to chat.  One of the guys shared two news stories from Sports Spectrum.  I was unfamiliar with the website.  The website motto is “Where Sports and Faith Connect.”.  One of the stories was about a University of Kentucky basketball player in the SEC tournament on a Saturday night preaching at church on Sunday.  The other story was about the University of Tennessee coach giving glory to God after winning the SEC championship.  I am going to start following this site for inspiration from other Christian athletes. 

What inspired my friend to share the stories was the question, “Am I bold enough to share my faith in Jesus to the world?”  This became the first planned meeting topic after several weeks of just chatting.

During the breakfast meeting, the guys all shared their successes and failures of demonstrating...

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