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Our Team Store is Now Open!


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We are excited to announce our new team store.  We have over a dozen options to choose for men, women, and youths.  Bulk orders are being taken until April 19th, 2023.  After then, the team store will be open on-demand for immediate purchase.  If you have any questions or other gear you would like to see in our store, use our contact page.

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Wendell Foster Half Marathon Fan Plan

planning racing running Aug 22, 2022

For many athletes, there is a support system of family and friends who train with and encourage reaching personal goals. When race day comes, it is so special to have that support system alongside cheering throughout the event.

Here in our hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky, the Wendell Foster center hosts an annual Half Marathon in November. This year it occurs on November 12th.

This event raises funds for the great mission of Wendell Foster of “Empowering People With Disabilities.”  To find out more about this awesome race, click here:  Wendell Foster Half Marathon & 5K site

For athletes and their fans, we have created a “Fan Plan” which provides many cheering opportunities without crossing the runners' path for the half marathon.

This fan plan was based on spectating someone running 7 minutes per mile and being familiar with the roads to get to the next location.  If you are unfamiliar with the streets or are spectating someone faster,...

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Am I bold enough?

good news Mar 20, 2022

Recently I (Dean) began meeting with a small group of fellow triathletes once a week before work for breakfast and to chat.  One of the guys shared two news stories from Sports Spectrum.  I was unfamiliar with the website.  The website motto is “Where Sports and Faith Connect.”.  One of the stories was about a University of Kentucky basketball player in the SEC tournament on a Saturday night preaching at church on Sunday.  The other story was about the University of Tennessee coach giving glory to God after winning the SEC championship.  I am going to start following this site for inspiration from other Christian athletes. 

What inspired my friend to share the stories was the question, “Am I bold enough to share my faith in Jesus to the world?”  This became the first planned meeting topic after several weeks of just chatting.

During the breakfast meeting, the guys all shared their successes and failures of demonstrating...

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Success in the Snow

Brent Millay finished 2nd in his age group in the Resolution Run 10K in Evansville, Indiana.  The race organizers thought the street department would be able to clear the roads, but that was not the case.  Slippery conditions slowed the field, but racers were not deterred.

Brent finished with a time of 52:29.  The team is looking forward to seeing what he can do on dry roads.  

Great job Brent!

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Ashland City Half Marathon Scenery

planning racing running Jan 04, 2022

Several athletes have expressed interest in the Ashland City Half Marathon on March 5th. We had hoped to video the actual course, but the course is changing due to road construction. The video shows many of the roads that will still be included. The course goes along the Cumberland River and through the woods on the Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail. Should be a fast course. The race director says the course is certified with a course record of 1:03. Should be fun.


Updated 1/9/2022

The updated course map can be found here:


By following the route on Strava, the trail and the road along the river are in the reverse direction of the video.

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Overcoming for a Great Cause - the St. Jude Marathon

Congratulations to a rockstar!  Not only did Jessica Jones race the St. Jude Marathon, but she also raised money to support this great cause!  What an inspiration of courage and tenacity.  So proud of her! 
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Care Net 5K Reindeer Run


Congratulations to Brent Millay and Chaney Heady. 

Brent executed his plan perfectly running negative splits and finished giving it all he had.  He finished in a time of 23:13.

Chaney ran with Coach Dean as they held an even pace until the final stretch.  Chaney had a personal best finishing with a time of 23:46.

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Congratulations to Jacob Roberts in the Wendell Foster Half Marathon 2021

Congratulations to Jacob Roberts for earning his half marathon PR at the Wendell Foster Half Marathon in Owensboro, KY.  His goal was sub 1:35 and he crossed the finish line in 1:32:55 with negative splits. Consistency in training and patience in execution paid off.
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Congratulations Eric Hardin on winning the Bucks and Does Trail Half Marathon

Shout out to Eric Hardin who just loves to race.  On Saturday November 20th, he won the Bucks and Does 13.1 Pointer Trail Half Marathon in Wisconsin with a time of 1:29:46 over 10 minutes ahead of second place.  Way to crush it Eric.  Eric would say he is a road runner.  But he showed he can handle the trails, as well. 

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Congratulations to Katie Rose and Bailey in the Run Hard Lexington 10K

Great job Katie Rose on setting a personal best 43:57 in the Run Hard Lexington 10K.  This was with her dog Bailey including a short break for Bailey to get a drink.

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