Congratulations Eric Hardin at Ironman Florida


Great job Eric Hardin setting a personal best in Ironman Florida with a time of 12:08:43. It was a difficult day with rough seas and a strong headwind on the bike.  But through it all, you persevered.

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Congratulations to Jessica Jones in her 10th consecutive Bowling Green Half Marathon

Congratulations to Jessica and Ralph Jones in the Bowling Green Half Marathon.  Jessica completed her 10th consecutive Bowling Green Half Marathon.  She has participated in every occurrence since the inception.  Jessica finished in 2:27:25.

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Congratulations to Katie Rose and Bailey in the Go For The Grits 5K

Katie Rose took first overall female in the Go For the Grits 5K with her sidekick Bailey.  Katie's winning time was 21:28.  Great job Katie!

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Congratulations to Brent Millay in the Chilly Hilly 5K Trail Race

Congratulations to Brent Millay on racing the Chilly Hilly Trail 5K in a time of 31:33.  With patience and consistency, he overcame an injury and is back in great form.  Praise God that he was able to tow the line in this race.  

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Athletes and Coach Paula Race the Boston Marathon

Congratulations to Vicky Payne, Jennifer Falloway, and Coach Paula Roberts on qualifying and competing in the 125th Boston Marathon.  It was a long wait to get to the starting line in Hopkinton.  But it was worth the wait.  

And they were able to take in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park as a bonus.

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Lee Anderson and the Moab 240

Great job Lee Anderson on making it 196.75 miles.  This wasn't as far as you had hoped.  But you pushed yourself to extreme limits to make it that far.  Your support crew are very proud of you.

Listen to Lee's story:

Part 1

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Proud of our athletes in the Berlin Marathon

Congratulations to Vicky Payne, Jennifer Falloway, and Harpreet Minhas for their performances in the Berlin Marathon.  Vicky finished in 4:09:05.  Jennifer finished in 4:25:19. Harpreet finished in 5:42:17.

Listen to Harpreet's exciting race story in podcast episode #50.

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Great racing at the Try Knox Triathlon

Congratulations to Bethanie Roberts and Jessica Deckard for fantastic racing at the Try Knox Triathlon.  Bethanie placed second overall female and Jessica won her age division. 

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Dad and Daughter race the Owensboro YMCA Bar-B-Q 5K

Chaney Heady and her dad Chad raced together in the Owensboro YMCA Bar-B-Q 5K.  Isn't it great to be able to share training and racing with friends and family?

Together, they negative split the race and finished strong.  Chaney really showed her leg speed near the finish.

Great job Chad and Chaney!

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Swim, Over-bike, Walk

As triathletes, one of the things we have to wrap our minds around is that triathlon must be treated as one sport and not three separate sports thrown together on one day.   Obviously, there are three disciplines – swimming, biking, and running; but each discipline is approached much differently in a triathlon than as individual sports.

In this blog, we are focusing specifically on the bike portion of the triathlon, because that’s where many athletes destroy their race.  In most triathlons, the bike portion of the race is the longest portion, both in distance and in time.  Athlete’s rationalize that since it’s the highest percentage of the race day, then that’s the leg that has to be the best and the fastest.

When a triathlete tells us they had a great bike split, but fell apart on the run, we have to hold our tongues.  We want to say, “No you didn’t.”  There are a plethora of reasons for the run to fall...

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